Have a Healthy Halloween

October 22, 2014 in Fitness Domination, Granola Mama, Health and Fitness, Nutrition, Paleo

Have a Healthy Halloween

Halloween is around the corner, which means you may find yourself snacking on endless bowls of chocolate and noshing on candied apples at a Halloween party. While it is okay to indulge every once in awhile (everyone has their “cheat” days), moderation and healthy eating is key to making it through this holiday unscathed.

Whether you’re hosting a party or simply making a treat for yourself, these tasty snack ideas will allow you to celebrate fall in style without your middle paying the price:

Ghoooostly fruit
Take a delicious batch of strawberries, cut off the leafy top, and then dip them in white chocolate. Dot them with three chocolate sprinkles each to make the eyes and mouth for these edible ghosts. If that’s not your thing, peel and halve a banana. Then use chocolate chips to dot each half with two eyes and a mouth. Boo!

Have a bite!
Make bite size snacks that everyone will enjoy. Combine one tub of Granola Mama’s Holy-Coco-Cacao with a dab of almond butter and raw honey. Refrigerate the mixture for 10 minutes. Then take a tablespoon of the mixture and roll it into balls for guilt-free bite-sized treats. Alternatively, you can use Granola Mama’s Pale-oh-Nola and add a spoonful of chocolate chips to the mix.

Pumpkin Smoothies
It’s not Halloween without the requisite pumpkin or jack-o’-lantern. Combine canned pumpkin, honey, ice, and vanilla soy milk in a blender for a delicious smoothie full of antioxidants. This is a great drink for kids and adults.

For those adults who like their healthy treats to come with a little kick:

Do the monster mash!
Pay homage to Frankenstein with this green drink. Blend ½ cup of spinach, ½ a red apple, a dash of lemon juice, and a dash of orange juice. Then pour the liquid into shaker to combine it with a shot of Triple Sec and ½ shot of vodka. Drinking this monster martini may or may not cause you to sprout neck bolts.

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Written by essayist and (sometimes) poet, DW McKinney. Check out her blog (www.criticallyunhinged.com).

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