The Uber Nightmare Or The Uber Dream!

January 6, 2015 in Uber

So why is Uber causing so many traditional cab, or if you prefer, Taxi companies to lose sleep at night and wake up in cold sweats?

Why are these same cab and taxi services having nightmares about the future of where their industry is heading?

Why is Uber being legally sued in court over their ability to bring an efficient, cost-effective, relatively hassle-free service to the market place?

uberX  Better Cheaper Faster    Than a Taxi

Better Cheaper Faster
Than a Taxi

The answer is obvious. As of 2014, based on a study on the revenue of taxi & limousine services (NAICS 48533), Uber is an 11 billion dollar industry. I am sure you can imagine the heartache and pain, to its competitors, of a service that has come in and has revolutionized the way transportation is now done.

The standard cab and taxi services are witnessing an industry game changer come into their own backyards and literally steal current and potential customers, producing millions of dollars in monthly revenue.

Uber not only has a better service, they have an extensive financial backing that is allowing them to:

1. Continually update and upgrade the App
2. Continually add services to include UberSelect, UberTaxi, and UberPool
3. Provide cash incentives and additional perks to current and future partner drivers
4. Continually expand into new markets around the world, unfettered by ongoing and potential law suits
5. Put millions of dollars back into the communities they are servicing

OK, now lets talk about the Uber Dream.

As a partner driver, I have chatted and surveyed riders over the past few months about their experience with the service. The jury is out and I would say 80 – 90 percent of riders would give the service an overall 4 – 5 star service rating.

Uber has set a high quality standard by training and pushing its partner drivers to provide an experience that is unmatched by other services. All drivers must:

1. Go through an extensive background check
2. Look as professional as possible with hygiene and dress
3. Provide a clean, mechanically maintained car, free of harsh smells or odors
4. Be extremely, customer-service oriented by opening doors, assisting with baggage, or little extras like mints, gum, water, and extra phone chargers for use during the trip

Very few traditional cab or taxi services are going to go the extra mile, unless money is involved, and provide a relatively worry/hassle free experience. The entire process is cashless so the rider requesting the service knows an estimate of what the trip is going to cost (Tips are not required).

Uber takes the unknown out of the equation.

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